Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm Smitten!

Sometimes I get bored with cooking the same meals over and over again. I don't think my husband cares as long as it's not carb crazy or burned. However, I want to enjoy the process. I'm not interested in elaborate concoctions ;I just want good food that's easy to prepare. If you feel the same way, I highly recommend checking out Mark Bittman. He isn't a chef; he's a food columnist for the New York Times, and has written a cookbook called How to Cook Everything. I love this guy because he will give a recipe, and then provide you with several variations of the recipe. Fabulous! Now, I must say that I am also a little cheap. I haven't bought the book yet, but he has a website called, a blog called Bitten at , and is often featured on "The Today Show". You can find tons of recipes at those sources. Try a few, and if you feel inspired, buy the book. I'm sure it's a great investment, I'm just too cheap!

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