Friday, January 29, 2010


This week is my first time participating in Company Girl Coffee, a virtual meetup for bloggers to share a cup of coffee and a little fellowship.

I think I hit a wall this week. I'm realizing that my life is Kaotic. I know that it should be spelled chaotic, but my inner craziness is better portraited with the incorrect spelling. Let me clarify that my husband and kids aren't causing the Kaos. It is my lack of discipline and organization. So, I've been on a mission to establish order in my life. Here's the plan:
  1. Wake up by 6a.m. for devotion- For the sake of transparency, I will say that my greatest weakness as a Christian is that I don't spent enought time with the One I'm supposed to be following. Some of you might think 6a.m. is nuts but my hubby is up and out by 6:30, so he's agreed to make sure that I am up when he leaves.
  2. Develop and keep a daily schedule- laundry, cleaning, etc. The daily small things at Home Sanctuary  will be an instrumental part of this.
  3. Start menu planning - I'm trying to get ready for Menu Plan Monday at Organizing Junkie
I started this yesterday, and so far so good. My prayer is that I can develop the discipline to maintain these areas, for the sake of all who have to endure living with me !


  1. I just wanted to tell you that you're not alone!

    "For the sake of transparency, I will say that my greatest weakness as a Christian is that I don't spent enough time with the One I'm supposed to be following."

    That's so totally me - but it can change! I've found a good Bible reading plan that I hope to stick to every single day.

    Way to go on your transparency and plans to fix things! :-)

  2. I could have easily written that post. I am not a morning person, but with 2 children, it's really the only time I have to do what I need without interruption. So I'll join you on your commitment.

    I also just started menu planning (through Org Junkie). I fought it for a long time because I hate being tied down. But, it has been so freeing! And I'm sure it's saving us money because it keeps the temptation to eat out at bay.

  3. Welcom along to the Company Girl Coffee! I know how you feel with the lack of discipline and organsiation - I'm just the same and I find it so hard to focus on one thing and get it completed!

    The one thing I do manage is the meal plan, I would be lost without it! I've also started doing Rachel Anne minimum maintenace from a post a while ago and it is a lifesaver!
    Have a good weekend.

  4. Welcome to Company Girl Coffee! We're glad you're here. If I could offer one encouragement to you, it would be this: don't be hard on yourself. Yes, challenge yourself and keep yourself accountable, but no beratings allowed :) Lots of grace for you!

    I am on FLYlady's email list, and one thing she says over and over in reference to house-cleaning is that your house didn't get to be a mess overnight, and it's not going to get back in order overnight either. I think this idea applies to lots of things...including habits and routines. I have been working on getting up earlier, too. You can do it! We can do it!!

  5. Welcome to the Company Girls!

    Good luck with your new disciplines!

  6. menu planning has been so great for me. good luck!

  7. I hope you are able to have a restful weekend after having a rough week!

    Take care,

  8. When my son was born (he is now 33) I made the same commitment to getting up earlier and having my "time with the Lord." It has stuck and it is such a blessing in my life. It will become a sweet habit for you very shortly and God will richly bless your time with Him. Enjoyed visiting your blog and all the best in adapting to a more disciplined life!

  9. Welcome to Coffee!! I feel the same way. I actually have all of that in place, except I need to do better in the devotions/spending time with the Lord one. I think I'm trying to organize my organizing time, if that makes any sense. Good luck with everything. =) Have a great weekend.

  10. Keep up the good work...that's a lot of self-discipline to get up at 6 am for devotions.....and menu planning too....two things that I also lack motivation in....I'll look forward to see how you're doing...maybe it'll give me some incentive!

  11. I've been lamenting my lack of morning time to my husband all week - sleeping in and not having my prayer time has been so hard, but as he keeps gently reminding me, I am struggling with chronic illness and at times I just need extra rest. I hope your plans for change are lasting - I know God will honor your desire to put Him first!

  12. Making a plan is a huge first step, so good for you! I too need to spend more time with Him, I'm praying for the both of us that we manage to stick to our plans!

  13. Welcome to Company Girl! Rachel Anne will help you with your goals and she even makes it fun! I am TERRIBLE at menu planning, but I am trying to get better. As for getting up early, it will be worth it! I love my time in the morning, just myself and my savior!

  14. Welcome to our group. I have been away for quite a bit, so it is like a new day for me too. As some of the others commented, I too could have written your post. You'll do great -- you have a plan, and with God at the center, you'll get just to where you should be.

  15. I could sign my name to your post! I've been getting up at 6 - 6:30 makes all the difference in the world as to how the day goes.
    I've got a ways to go on getting everything organized and scheduled but Rachel helps keep me headed in the right direction.
    Welcome to Company Girl Coffee by the way!
    Have a blessed weekend!!

  16. Welcome to coffee Time! The longer you get up at 6am, the easier it will get!!! Getting my day going earlier actually makes my day much smoother! We get more accomplished before lunch!!

  17. Nice to meet you! I just got started 3 weeks ago here myself. Company Girls are the best! I also do Menu Plan Monday. So I'll see you there. The link goes up 10pm or 11pm Sunday. Five minutes into it there's at least 40 links already. It's crazy!

  18. Isn't KAOS the acronym for Maxwell Smart's nemesis? Maybe the cone of silence will help??? Actually, I think your post could have been written by any one of us...those are the big areas of struggle for me too, so at least you are in good company!!

    Hang in there, do the Small Things and bit by bit you'll see progress. That's the great thing about our Company Girl community...we're just here to cheer each other on!


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