Friday, January 15, 2010

Gestures of Appreciation

A recent conversation with a friend made me wonder how much we really appreciate the gestures of appreciation and affection that we receive from our husbands. I don't mean the ones he throws at you that you know have some sort of sexual motivation (although those ain't so bad, and we do need to respond positively to them). I'm talking about him opening the door for you, cooking you a fabulous breakfast of runny eggs and dry toast, or buying you a piece of jewelry, clothing, etc. that you wouldn't were to a dog fight. Many times, I get a plate of eggs for breakfast, even though I'm not a big egg fan. I try to graciously eat them and give him an ''A" for effort. On the other hand, I sometimes get french toast drenched with maple syrup, gingerbread latte from Starbucks, or a candy bar from the drugstore. It's simple, and he thinks I'm nuts, but I love that stuff. I love it because I know it's his way of trying to consider me. It's not a diamond ring, but it's simply that he thought of me. The next time your husband brings you something that you may or may not be that impressed with, thank God that you have a husband who cares for you, and is trying to demonstrate that. Then you demonstrate it back!

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  1. Dang!!!!! I am loving this blog girl!! soo ecnouraging and convicting! Thanks for posting! I am one of your biggest fans(along side Jesus and T-LOl)!! I miss you sooo much, I can just cry you have no idea *sighing*


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