Monday, January 18, 2010

Quality Time

I think that we must be careful not to allow our children to be a buffer between us and our husbands. If your idea of spending quality time with your husband involves little Timmy and JoJo, you might want to re-evaluate your plans. I do think that it is important to spend time together as a family, but if the only way that I enjoy being with my husband is when the kids are tow, then I may want to regroup. Ladies, I spend all day with my children. I have a great relationship with my kids because I spend so much time with them. However, my husband deserves to have some interrupted attention. Heck, I deserve it too, and the end of the day, my kids will benefit from seeing that mommy and daddy really do value each. So ladies, if you are using your kids as a means of hiding from your husband, call a babysitter right now, and take your honey out on a date.

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  1. why you snapping?1 LOL!! Just kidding
    Amen sister!!! I am so thankful that the LORD has given us the opp to have consistent date nights! This is the most we have been consistent in all our eight years of marriage and it is wonderful.

    Whats up with you using the names Jo JO and timmy! LMBO!! I love you!


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